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Measure, report, and reduce carbon emissions from your real estate portfolio with one comprehensive software


Leverage cutting-edge energy simulations to identify current building characteristics and quantify the carbon impact of renovation measures. 

Manage and
track targets

Get complete insights into the performance of your real estate portfolio and selected buildings through detailed benchmarks and climate crisis analysis. 


Let Generative Design autonomously evaluate potential renovation measures and calculate the respective financial and carbon impact. 


Export relevant data, assumptions and sources to efficiently perform your carbon accounting and ESG reporting.

Use AI to gain
control over your decarbonisation path

Be ahead with your real estate portfolio by reducing the risk of stranded assets and increasing the building's energy efficiency and carbon footprint. 
Our cutting-edge technology enables you to identify the current energy consumption and carbon emissions to generate detailed decarbonisation measures and report on buildings and portfolio levels. 

Your one-stop solution for managing the transition  to a sustainable real estate portfolio

State-of-the-art data management and monitoring platform designed to navigate the decarbonisation path by finding the most suitable renovation measures and track to process. 

Understand portfolio

Understand current energy needs, CO2 emissions and climate risks in your real estate portfolio  

Plan measures

Automatically identify required measures to optimise financial and carbon impact

Drive change

Generate detailed analysis, targets and sustainability reports for multiple stakeholders

A clear path to net-zero, while reducing costs and risks

Analyse your real estate portfolio and autonomously identify energy and carbon-saving measures with a high return on investment. Get instant access to all building and climate data to find the best net-zero strategy. 

Cost Savings

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Reduce costs of collecting and managing real estate data, deriving missing information and creating reports.

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Reduce risks

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Avoid risk of “stranded real estate assets” according to CRREM and GRESB benchmarks.

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clear net-zero path

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Define your decarbonisation targets and get transparency over your net-zero path and further measures (CapEx and OpEx).

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Simple and straightforward process

By providing accessible building information, our technology performs advanced engineering computations, giving you highly detailed potential measures, capital costs (CapEx), and operational expenses (OpEx).


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